Revising Rules

Revising Rules

Entering the 2015-2016 school year, some of the rules from the preceding school year have been deemed unfit by the administration of WHS. Between the less strict dress code and the more strict policy on cell phones, this school year will prove to be one unlike the others.

“They’re different.With the new rule that girls are allowed to wear tops that don’t have sleeves and leggings, I, and many others agree that it is a good rule so that we can be more comfortable and overall it is very freeing,” said Sophomore Camryn Murray.

Some students feel that the refined rules regarding the dress code are for the better and think that it is a fair and preferable rule.

“I think the dress code is appropriate for the age group. It should help the students focus more than distract them from their schoolwork,” said Pre-Calculus teacher Mrs. Gorman.

Some teachers and students alike agree that the dress code’s changes have been made for the greater good and will continue to aid in the overall well-being of the students.

“I like it. It allows my peers and I to dress more comfortably and express ourselves,” said Junior Destiny Owens.

The new rules regarding the dress code are favored among many of the students of all ages.

“With the new rule of no phones in the hallways, I feel that they are going overboard, it is unnecessary, and it doesn’t help contribute to the students in a positive way. It blights the morale of the students and takes away from their freedom,” said Senior Jonas Hill.

Regarding the altered regulation of the phones in the hall, some students think that they are unfair. Some students feel that it doesn’t help much and fail to see the need of this new rule for no phones in the hallways.

“I feel that there are positives , such as people are able to move throughout the hallways without creating clusters or jams; but also, negatives which include more restrictions of freedom within the school,” said Junior Michael Rundgren

The additions and altercations to the rules in the school have brought joy, relief, stress, and annoyance alike. The new rules for the 2015-2016 school year may change later in the year but until those changes are made we will follow, conform and walk into the new journey ahead with joggers, sleeveless shirts, and no phones.