Amanda Biles Brings Home the Bronze at Nationals

The Texas Association Of Future Educators (T.A.F.E.) is for anyone wishing to be a teacher, administrator, or those who simply appreciate education. The T.A.F.E. Club falls under a bigger organization known as Educators Rising. Senior Amanda Biles was the first to qualify in June of this year’s Educators Rising National Competition.

First Amanda went to regionals, then state, where she won fourth place, and finally traveled to Boston, where she won third in the nation.

Ms. Shepherd, who runs the T.A.F.E. club, said,”Amanda is a great student who will be a great teacher.”

Amanda took part in the exploring non-core subjects event, where she shadowed ASL teacher Ms. Sullivan for a total of eight hours, then created a presentation on her experience. Amanda had personally stated ASL is her passion in life.

She has worked to spread awareness for the deaf community, even, as Amanda said,”If it’s only one judge at a time.”

Amanda wants to be a deaf education teacher and an ASL teacher in the future and is already working toward her goal. This semester she is working with third graders at Northside Elementary and next semester will be teaching ASL here at WHS.

In Boston, the experience was much more than just a third place, “Absolutely incredible. Honestly I couldn’t have been more blessed to have made it and experience the wonderful city Boston is. I got to walk around the city, meet fascinating people, and taste clam ‘chowdah’ for the first time. It was truly a memory I will never forget.”

Amanda Biles encouraged everyone to join as much as they can after going on this award winning trip.

“T.A.F.E. is for everyone! We need dynamic! I’ll say that for any club! Try new things and be involved. There is a place for you, you’ve just got to try things out.”

WHS is very blessed to have someone like Amanda Biles attend our school and congratulates her on her big win!