My new girl

Two weeks ago I met a girl named Stella . She had to be the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She has the most luscious curly white hair and deep brown eyes, that I could stare into for hours. Regardless of how I’m feeling, her bubbly personality always puts a smile on my face. Despite the fact that I have only known her for two weeks, I think I might be in love.

Sometimes on date night, we go on peaceful walks through the park where we chase squirrels, roll in the grass, and stare up at the clouds. I was so obsessed with how perfect she was, that I introduced her to my family on the first night of our relationship. She only weighs 40 pounds, sometimes stinks, and has paws; My perfect idea of a girl.

Dogs to most people are just pets. However, Stella is my best friend. When my sister went to college I lost the one person I told everything to. Now that my sister is gone, Stella is the one that I go to for anything, because I know she will listen to me.  `

Like most dogs, Stella is part of my family. Every day when I get home I greet her just like I would everyone else; big hugs and a warm welcome. To me, Stella isn’t just our family dog; she is the one true thing that keeps me going each and every day.