Too leggy? No leggings!



 Leggings have been one of the most controversial and complained about topics at WHS for the 2016-2017 school year. Wear them with a fingertip thigh-length shirt, which is a hassle to find, and also a pain to constantly worry about, and be in total comfort all day, or wear itch, ill-fitting denim jeans. What to wear is the biggest decision of our morning, other than hitting the snooze button again. 

Why are leggings such a problem anyways? Should the girls be punished for the fact that guys can’t control themselves when seeing the shapes of our ever-so-provoking thighs?

Yes, I can understand the shirt having to be long enough to cover the butt for all of the people whose tights live up to there name a little too much, and can quickly become see-through. But fingertip length? That’s a little excessive. And why wear the leggings at all if the shirt, by WISD dress code, it is technically considered a dress at finger tip length.

For the people with longer arms, the shirts hit mid thigh. Yet shorted armed people are getting away with way less. Everyone should be held to one standard and that standard should be that your shirt simply has to cover your butt. It’s perfect. No more having to stop kids in the middle of the hallway and making them stand up tall seeing if their shirt is longer than their fingertips. No more making them late for class if they are in the clear. And no more taking them out if their shirt is half an inch too short.

And beside, if the reason for legging being against dress code is that they are distracting, isn’t pulling us out of class just as distracting? Sending us to the office for such an infraction and telling us that people could possibly become distracted from their education is much more important than our own.

Leggings are comfortable and that’s the reason other girls and myself wear them. Jeans are itchy and uncomfortable, and it’s the hardest thing to find a pair that fit perfectly. Learning and studying is easiest when we are comfortable. So if this school’s main goal is for us to succeed, shouldn’t they be giving us every opportunity to do so?