Preparing for Prom


Junior/Senior prom is a very important event for most high school students. Freshman and sophomores start planning years in advance so that when they can actually attend, it will be nothing but perfection. The planning begins months in advance. Appointments for hair, makeup, and nails are set to the calendar early in the planning period with hopes of their beautician not being booked yet. The girls have to search far and low for THE dress of their dreams, as well as the numerous accessories and shoes that go along with it. Junior Makena Bodine said, “I had to wait for two hours to even step foot in the dressing room, but it was definitely worth it because I absolutely love my dress!” The guys have it much easier, only having to be fitted for a tux and that’s pretty much it. Junior Damian Ortiz said, “The tux is the easiest part about prom since it was so simple.” As prom gets closer, the anxiousness begins to build as well as the excitement for the big day. Prom is truly a day that you get to spend time with your closest friends and soak up the memories that are being created. You only get 2 in your whole lifetime, so enjoy it while it lasts!