Go! Fight! Win!

Last weekend, the WHS Indian football team had their first game. Not only was it exciting for the football team to be under the Friday night lights, but it was also an action packed, fun time for the kids supporting the football team.

People like the band, charmers, color guard, cheerleaders and so many more groups of people work to make the Friday night football games a fun time for everyone. As a cheerleader, I get to experience being on the field on Friday nights. Cheering for such a talented football team is unforgettable experience.

Constantly doing cheers, jumps, tumbling, stunts and dancing is what a football game consists of. Our cheerleading team at WHS prepares for months for routines to do at games. We also work to stay fit so that we can keep energy throughout the game.

Before the game we get to be a big part of the pregame action. We go out on the field, do a band dance to the school song and a cheer. After we do this, we get announced in front of all our friends and family. It is amazing to be on the field, looking at all the people that are excited and pumped up for our football team. Our main goal is to support the football team, but getting the crowd involved is also a really essential aspect of what we do at games. To get the crowd involved, we try to use catchy chants so that the people in the stands will catch on with us. The more fired-up the student section is, the more fired-up we get. We have special things we do to interact with the crowd throughout the game. For example after touch downs we throw spirit shirts and we encourage the crowd to join in on our chants during the football game.

Being a part of Friday night football as a cheerleader is something I’ve always aspired to do. The experience has fully lived up to everything I thought it would be. There’s nothing like being on the field doing what I love surrounded by crowds of excited people.