Megachurch: Corporation or Religion

What is the draw to organized religion? Some may say that they grew up going to church, some may say that a friend invited them, but what exactly draws someone to a church?

In recent months, there has been an explosion in attendance to a local megachurch. This, shifting from church to church because of local favoritism has been going on pretty much since the dawn of man. What sparks this spontaneous need for Jesus? The Oaks- an Assemblies of God church in Red Oak- knows and uses this tactic better than anyone.

Churches -similar to any fashion trend or hairdo- go in and out of style, but unlike this frivolous faux pas, youth groups do have the opportunity to change kids’ lives. Although I myself am not a huge fan of corporation churches, they do have a platform to improve the lives of others. Also, while many churches seek new members solely for financial help, a church in actuality loses money when they acquire new youth members.

Every time someone joins the Oaks for the first time they are given a shirt. The students wearing the shirts, other than free advertisement, don’t help the church on a corporate level. The part in which made me question the true servant leadership of this place was the advertisements plastered on the back of these free t-shirts. These advertisers aren’t simply doing this because of their new founded love of Jesus Christ, they do this for the same reason why democracy works: greed. The same that is listed as one of the seven deadly sins. The same that lets corporations succeed.

But in the end, not all corporations are bad, in fact, lots can help lots of people. And if the Oaks helps at least one person to make their life better, it would be worth it.