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Run, Indians, Run!

Breathing gets harder with every breath she takes but the finish line is now in sight. There’s a girl right behind her and their legs are battling for first. One second and she’s over the threshold and past the line. She’s won another race.

The Lady Indians cross country team is off to yet another great start coming in 1st place on their first and second races, 2nd at the Burleson Centennial meet on Saturday, and even got 12th place in an elite race of 32 teams.

“I was so excited when we got twelfth place out of thirty-two in the Elite Varsity of Division at the Marcus 1 Invitational!”, Sophomore Mariel Camargo said.

There was even a new school record set at the Woodhouse Invitational here in Waxahachie by Emma Curry.

“It feels amazing to have broken the school record again,” said Sophomore Emma Curry, “Breaking it the first time was different for me because I wasn’t breaking my time, but it’s still great. The best part is that I know that I’m still working and improving and becoming better than I was.”

Their Coach, Edward Delacruz has even said the same for the other girls.

“A lot of the girls can see how much their work pays off,” he says, “They work hard, eat right, sleep right, and take care of their bodies like they should and can really see how much of a difference it makes for them.”

One vital part of their daily running routine is to take an ice bath every couple of days after practice.

“Although they are cold,” Senior Cathryn Bigham told me, “They are important and I have even grown to look forward to them.”

Bigham and Emily Mackel are both Seniors running for their fourth and final year.

“Taking in every moment is something I encourage all of the girls to do,” said Mackel, “Don’t just go through the motions every day. It’s a hobby where you can make lifelong memories.”

Being a WHS alumni runner himself, DelaCruz can relate to how the runners feel and what they’re going through.

“Being a runner here myself, I know how to relate to the runners,” DelaCruz told me, “I know the ups-and-downs every runner feels daily and it makes it easier for me to relate to and motivate them.”

According to him, just as many things that are the same are a lot different from when he ran for the team.

“Well, first of all, we didn’t have the technology kids do now and we didn’t have social media,” said DelaCruz, “Also, I feel like girls running back when I went to school here wasn’t deemed important by anyone. Girls have really come a long way by becoming respected female athletes.”

One other thing the girls are awesome at agreeing on is their favorite part of the team. Of the girls, they all had the same answer.

“My favorite part of being on the team is how close all of the girls are,” said Sophomore Alyson Moore, “We’re the best of friends and we have another little family outside of our individual homes. Regardless of the number of plaques and medals won, the family aspect will always be my favorite part of running cross country.”