Senior Volentine finishes strong


Whitney Volentine has attended Waxahachie High School for three years and her time here is coming to an end. Throughout high school she has spent much of her time in volleyball, track, and student council. In addition to being a member of all of these activities, she has managed to stay within the top 30 of her class.

Now that she has made it through high school, looking back Whitney said, “junior year is the most overwhelming.” Although it was tough, she came out successful and has now committed to going to school at UNT. Her future plans include getting a degree in recreation, event and sports management. With this she hopes to become a an event coordinater for a sports team.

Through hard work and dedication Whitney has made her four years of high school successful.

“It was hard but so worth it,” said Whitney.

Moving schools made it hard for her, but she learned how to adapt to her changing situation. Her dad got offered a new coaching job at La Vernia High School after her freshman year where she stayed for a year. After playing on a new team and making new friends her family felt it was best to move back to Waxahachie.

“Moving back to Waxahachie was probably my favorite thing about high school,” Whitney said. “I got to finish school with all of the friends I started with.”

Throughout her four years in high school Whitney has accomplished many great things. Now that her time is over, Whitney can be expected to accomplish even more in her future.