English Teacher Shares Her Love Of Africa To Students


Pre-AP English II instructor Ashley Teague did not have an ordinary, run-of-the-mill life growing up. From walking amidst endangered giraffes to hiking across a rope bridge over 130 feet in the air in the Ghana rainforest, Teague has done it all.

Teague moved to Niamey, Niger when she was just two years old for her parents’ missionary work. She lived there for the next 16 years. Mr. and Mrs. Teague moved to Africa to carry out missions by building houses with their family-owned metal factory company, teaching Bible school classes, training pastors, and focusing on children’s missions.

Although, Teague’s heart was with school and being involved in softball, theater, student council, and community service she made time to travel to a local orphanage to do arts and crafts and spend time with the kids.

When asked if she would go back, Teague said, “In a heartbeat!”

Even though Teague loves Texas, her heart still resigns in the wonders of Africa. The dirt roads, the random animals roaming the neighborhoods, the smell of deserts, and the food are all aspects of Africa that Teague wishes she could experience again.

In accordance with her overwhelming heart, Teague also said, “I miss the people most.”