Back on the Field


Being back on the field with teammates after months of not playing, Brooke Smith was beyond excited to be back on the pitch. 

Smith has been playing soccer for about thirteen years and has been playing on the school’s varsity team since she moved here during her sophomore year. She usually plays center mid or forward.

Smith said, “When Covid hit, I couldn’t play or practice for months.” Even though she is able to play now, there still are limitations and Covid safety precautions. For example, players are expected to remain socially distanced when they are not playing. When players are on the field, they keep their masks on hand for easier and quicker access whenever necessary. 

One of the most concerning problems for Smith relating to soccer and Coronavirus is the fact that players are losing opportunities for college and skill. However, these inconveniences don’t bring Smith down; she is just happy to be playing again.

Smith has high expectations for this season. She says that one of the most important factors of soccer is team chemistry and skill, which they have an abundance of. Soccer season starts around December, and the team has been working harder than ever. 

Soccer is a big part of my life and I can’t imagine a life without it.

— Brooke Smith

Smith plans to continue playing soccer throughout college, and she has hopes to attend A&M.