Continuing the Tradition


Thomas Carlile, Staff Writer

When it comes to college prep, Senior Cade Andrews is already ahead of the game. On October 18th, Andrews finally got his acceptance letter from Texas A&M University. “I was very excited to be accepted,” said Andrews. He can not wait to finally start his college career.

Andrews said he will be majoring in Political Science and is already starting to prepare for his journey to A&M. Having already taken AP and DC classes, Cade thinks he is “equipped for the rigor of A&M.”

However, Andrews expects his freshman year of college to be a lot easier than his senior year of high school. Right now, he is doing about 12 to 13 hours of school-related activities almost every day. In college, he hopes to have days where he has no classes scheduled.

Once Andrews graduates college, he will be apart of the class of 2025. This is 30 years after 1995, the year his parents graduated from A&M. Therefore, he can say he is continuing the tradition after he graduates from Texas A&M University.

I was continuing the family tradition, and now, I am an official Aggie!

— Cade Andrews