Mr. Navas


Among all the new smiles this year, the biggest and brightest one yet is the new chemistry teacher, Mr. Navas. This is his first year teaching at WHS, and he is doing an amazing job so far. He was inspired to be a teacher when he was a teenager. He had a job at a pharmacy and one of his job partners was a chemist who inspired him to become a teacher. Teaching is important to Mr.Navas because “education is the most powerful tool”, and he wants to get the students to relate chemistry to their everyday life. What he looks forward to in his classrooms is doing some cool demos with students and doing fun labs. So far he is loving Waxahachie and his community. It is a nice, quiet, and calm place to live. Outside of school, he loves to play guitar and cook food. His greatest strength is being a trained chemist, and he says the biggest challenge is time management. We are happy to welcome him to Waxahachie High School.