Coach Johnson


Waxahachie has introduced a new leader for our WHS basketball team. Coach Johnson is here to lead us on the road to victory. While our Indians are used to success, there is hope that Coach Johnson will improve athletes’ skills and continue making great changes in the team.

Coach Johnson was drawn to basketball because of the impact his coach made on his life. Johnson would not be where he is in life if it weren’t for his high-school coach.

Coach Johnson’s greatest accomplishments in his basketball coaching career so far are winning two state championships and also winning national championships as a player himself.

Johnson has been coaching basketball for 10 years and describes his coaching styles as intense on the court.

“Kids appreciate it because they know I’m serious on the court, but I like being a normal person off the court so they know they can trust me and open up to me so I’ll be able to help them with their own problems in life,” Johnson said.

Growing up Coach Johnson grew up playing football and fell in love with that then started playing basketball and fell in love with the sport. He attended college at UFH, University of Houston. Athletes are proud to have Coach Johnson at the school and are so excited to see what plans he has for WHS.