Pre-UIL Concert


On Tuesday, April 13, the Waxahachie Highschool choir had their Pre UIL concert. In preparation for UIL, three months of work was put into learning songs that they would sing for the concert.

In the opinion of most, the songs that Chorale sang were overall good for a Pre-UIL concert, but they still need work. For example, “Dirait-on” was good except for they needed to uses more diction. For “Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep,” the only major problem was how they were saying the word die. And for “Dies Irae,” they just need to listen more than they sing.

Some of the comments from the judges were, “Beautiful Expressive singing!”,  “Your ends of phrases and especially ends of songs have been so consistently wonderful this evening”,  “Thank you for singing today!”,  “It’s been a tough year, but you have managed to rise above and make outstanding music”,  and “How WONDERFUL to get to hear you today!”

The Chorale also sp­‎lit into two sections, the Tenor-Base part, and the Treble part. The Tenor-Base part sang three songs, the first song was “Loch Lomond”, the second song was “Bound for Jubilee”, and the third song was “Down in the Valley”.

The main comments for the Tenor-Base part from the judges were; “Be sure to breathe together and deeply”,  “Your breath support along with lifting your soft palette will help fix some pitch issues”,  “Tenors you could use more falsetto in Down in the Valley”,  ” You have an excellent sense of musicianship”, “The peeks of phrases and ending descrescendo moments were lovely”,  and “Your “oh” and “oo” vowels are beautiful but “ah’s, eh’s and ee’s” have a tendency to spread and fall flat.”

So overall the choirs are going to do great, as long as they fix what the judges critiqued and just sing with all they have, they should be golden for next Tuesday.